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Faisal Humayun

Quality Assurance Analyst

About Me

Faisal Humayun - Quality Assurance Professional

Relentless, results-driven, process oriented, Quality Assurance professional with over ten years of experience in the analysis, design, development, implementation and management of highly visible, complex projects with aggressive timelines, evaluating and improving legacy business systems with TDD/BDD QA processes using LEAN/AGILE methodologies, and providing technical expertise in mission-critical IT projects, operations and logistics. Assisted companies with QA process initiatives and methodologies in specialized niches of Information Technology such as VoIP, data warehousing, e-commerce optimization and web hosting; serving in startup, corporate and consulting settings.

Demonstrated track record of success in relationship building, decision-making and communicating.   Able to deliver effectively, in a fast paced environment providing strong leadership skills to ensure compliance of process, expectations and deadlines.  Managed multiple projects simultaneously.  Soloed and Co-managed projects and resources; organized, competent and committed to excellence and success within the workplace.  Strong analytical skills and a broad range of business areas expertise.  Productive, self-starter with strong work ethics, and consistently achieved goals.

•    QA Test Design, Plan, Execution, Automation, Scope & Management
•    Strategic & Tactical Planning of QA initiatives
•    Establishing Priorities & Schedules for QA milestones
•    Dynamic Team Building & Leadership in QA departments
•    QA Process & Performance Improvement
•    Project Risks & Process Based Conflict Resolution


Core Competencies and Technical Skills

Test Design
Test Plan
Test Cases
Bug Hunting
Bug Reporting
Bug Tracking

Core Competencies and Technical Skills


Startup, Corporate and Consulting Venues

GroupCare Technologies

Principal QA Engineer



April 2015 - Present
Aug 2014 - March 2015


QA Manager / SCRUM master

Special Skills

  • Architecting and Instructing core SDLC/ STLC Process Solutions involving SCM GitAGILE SCRUM management tools ( JIRA Agile + Capture + Canvas ), Test Management Tools ( QASymphony Qtest / Qtest Explorer ), Team Collaboration tools ( TeamWork PM ), and Customer Helpdesk Ticketing tools ( ZenDesk ) to ensure visibility, traceability, and accountability.
  • Developing Selenium Webdriver projects in Java loaded into a Continuous Integration Server ( Jenkins ) , using RESTful APIs to connect with on-demand Selenium grids ( SauceLabs and BrowserStack ) to perform simple user agent simulations and complex funnel traversals for Cross-Browser Automation.
  • Developing  Javascript ( jQuery ) based Browser Extensions for DOM manipulations in order to facilitate Selenium Automation schemes.

Key Achievements

  • Reduced Cross Browser Manual Testing times by 87.5%
  • Tripled baseline productivity through conversion to AGILE SCRUM,
  • Increased quality of deliverables by 80%
  • Converted internal departments into clients served professionally via the AGILE workflow.


  • Standardizing and Implementing QA processes ( evolving rudimentary ad-hoc to V-Model until evangelized to AGILE SCRUM methodology) for client facing e-Commerce Full Funnel Optimization Campaigns.
  • Enacting continuous improvement in overall Services workflow processes by increasing velocity of Scrum teams, and managing expectations through daily sprint burndowns.
  • Protecting teams from technical debt, over-commitment, and under performance through agnosticising tasks, managing product backlog, prioritized resolution of defects/bugs and properly evidenced, quality delivery of epics and focusing on Business Value.

V-Model Phase

  • Reviewed and evaluated existing Quality Assurance/testing processes and instituting QA Processes where none existed.
  • Introduced and Developed QA strategies and documentation schemes as contribution to Services and Engineering Roadmaps based on prioritized and risk analyzed objectives.
  • Created Managed Services campaign specific QA Testing Strategies and Test Management Plans ( using QASymphony Qtest / Qtest Explorer ).
  • Ensured the Returns On Initiatives per business case were achieved through non-functional testing strategies.
  • Drove innovative mind mapped ideas and models to facilitate operational excellence.
  • Assured the viability, functionality and effectiveness of essential QA/testing tools both new and existing.

Prometheus IT Solutions

QA Lead

 Key Achievements

• Implemented Risk based Testing of the greatest pain points
• Result:

o Increased average QA of deliverables by 180% ( from < 30 to > 80 valid defects / build iteration )
o Increased Development Support 70% ( more defect resolutions )
o 90% lift in Account Retentions.

  • Analyzed RFP and technical specifications to ensure compliance and promptly resolved customer issues.
  • Prepared, verified and modified top level documents detailing QA schedule, QA documentation requirements and project QA scope for conformance to technical specifications and internal standards.
  • Experienced with testing code developed in TDD / BDD environments for a variety of clients.
  • Composed, validated and delivered BDD software requirements using JIRA Behave Pro / JBehave add-ons
  • Analyzed QA requirements vs Development and determined priorities for Production Release.
  • Conducted QA activities on various systems and subsystems to ensure procedures, design and work methods were being properly executed while cost benefit analysis was implemented.
  • Completed Detailed QA Requirements for a variety of projects and worked with specific functional areas for:
    • Conducting interim reviews of draft QA requirements per STLC guidelines
    • Documenting and facilitating resolution of issues/actions that impact the development of Test Plans
    • Performing final reviews and obtaining sign offs on detailed Test Plans.
    • Serving as QA counsel for any questions raised by internal departments and/or vendors during the course of the project and implementation phase.
    • Participating in all related system detail design walkthroughs; ensuring all detailed QA test batteries are included in their designs; working with Business Analysts to develop Business Use Cases
    • Recommending and implementing appropriate QA process improvement plans for process workflow.
    • Interacting with various staff members at different levels of the company, as well as with external vendors and customers.
    • Enforcing and adhering to established ALM/STLC processes, and assisting establish such processes where none exist.
Aug 2009 - Aug 2014
Dec 2005 - Aug 2008


ETL Systems QA Analyst


 Key Achievements

• Implemented creation of Use Cases for enterprise SaaS applications early in the design process.
• Result: Completed QA projects within budget, on time and with no Major production defects.

  • Critically evaluated information gathered from multiple sources, reconcile conflicts, decompose high-level information into details, abstract up from low-level information to a general understanding, and distinguish user requests from the underlying true needs.
  • Procured domain knowledge in Legal, Health, Telecom, Collections, and Government sectors
  • Provided guidelines for checking the transformation of original Source datasets in the ETL process to Production targets in the Data Warehouse
  • Created functional and system level artifacts used to develop and test each phase of source transformations
    by Data analysis / Mapping / Migration until SIT / UAT target conditions are met
  • Developed Requirements for QA Testing to validate decision tables and transform functions
  • Provided SRS and FRS to evaluate and report defect severity conditions
  • Created Requirements needed for System Test Cases for Iterative Testing of each release.
  • Developed guidelines and sample scripts for a variety of platforms to automate most commonly used Regression Tests
  • Ensured trace-ability of Test Cases to Use Cases and Requirement guidelines
  • Logged defects in Defect Tracker and communicated results in accordance with Project Communication Protocols
  • Identified, classified, maintained, and protected files, documentation and sensitive information consistent
    with record handling and retention requirements
  • Assisted team members with any training, procedural or debugging needs when necessary


VoIP QA Lead

Key Achievements

• Created, Managed and Updated an average of 500 Test Cases / Month for each Build Iteration.
• Result:

• Increased average QA of deliverables by 66.66% ( from < 75 to > 125 valid defects / build iteration )
• Increased Development Support 40% ( more defect resolutions )

  • Performed Requirement Analysis to define Testing Scope and Test Design, then prepared flowcharts, spreadsheets, and logic diagrams needed in problem analysis and presentations
  • Interfaced with Development and QA groups for Test Planning, writing Test Scenarios, creating reusable Test Scripts, Test Automation, Test Execution and Test Reporting
  • Estimated Time Management of Multiple Test Iterations to ensure delivery on agreed upon time scales discussed in regular intra-departmental meetings to synchronize progress and deadlines
  • Routinely ensured completeness of the Development Milestones and QA Test Plans to enhance the right testing and release strategies
  • Authored Test Plans and developed Test Cases to facilitate: 
    • Functional Testing
    • Black Box
    • Sanity Testing on web interfaces, database back-ends, and hardware infrastructures
    • Smoke Testing to evaluate and report critical fail conditions
  • Provided guidelines and pseudo code for Stress Test scripts to trigger VoIP Web Services Load Balancing, Failover conditions; Developed logic tables and sample shell scripts for automating most commonly used Integration / Regression Tests
  • Defined and tracked quality assurance metrics such as Defects, Defect counts, Test Results and Test Status, then tracked output quality of build releases using Regression Tests included in Test Plans
    Furnished metadata, focus reports and professional advice to management. Participated in component and data architecture design, performance monitoring, product evaluation
  • Assisted customers with any training, procedural or debugging needs when necessary
Apr 2005 - Aug 2005
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Florida Atlantic University


Bachelor's Computer Science 1999 – 2004


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